Call for more information: 718-461-1756

Range Rules:

  • Hang Target over assigned lane
  • Only shoot at Queens Archery issued targets. (No silhouette, no stickers, no vertical 3-spots, etc.)
  • Archers must straddle shooting line when loading and shooting
  • Shoot no more than four (4) arrows per end (round)
  • Bullet points only. No field points, broadheads, outserts or any other non-target points.
  • NEVER load an arrow if anyone is in front of the shooting line.
  • No unauthorized or unsolicited instructions
  • NEVER cross shooting line until “Clear” has been established.
  • Bow must be hung on provided bow hangers.
  • Archer is responsible for keeping their own time.  If you go over your “out” time (written on the target) you will be charged for an additional hour.
  • No sky drawing.
  • No cross target shooting.
  • No working on bows at tables.
  • No outside food allowed.
  • Target must be removed at end of shooting session with pins placed in center divider.
  • A nocking point or d-loop must be installed on bow string


Failure to comply with Queens Archery’s Range Rules may result in ejection without a refund.