Call for more information: 718-461-1756

Platinum Membership:  No Range Fees

$1000.00 per year to join


No range fees to shoot.  

If you want an unused target, you must purchase them at the counter. 

$0.50 for a single spot target

$0.75 for a triple spot target. 


All memberships are valid for calendar year. January to January. 


1 hour shooting with own equipment: $15.00

1 hour shooting with rental equipment: $25.00


Queens Archery Loyalty Rewards Program

Members shooting bows and equipment that have been purchased from Queens Archery will be entitled to rewards.

Rewards will be in the form of credits to be put towards the cost of future membership.

    -              -                -                -               -              -              -              -                -               -

Point disbursement will be as follows: 1 point for each shooting session^ and 1 point for each tournament participation

Point value is:  1 point = 1 dollar

^ A session is daily shooting from sign-in to sign-out. One per day. 

Memberships Available

Membership dues are not pro-rated during the year. If you join in June, you pay full membership price. Membership still expires in January. 

Hourly Range Fees



Bow Storage available to members.

$60.00 for calendar year. January to January.

Silver Membership: Reduced Range Fees

$60.00 per year to join


$12.00 for first hour

$6.00 each additional, consecutive hour of shooting