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Reservations for after 5 PM 

If you have made a reservation using the Peek reservation program, you may have noticed your session is scheduled for a time listed after our posted closing time. 

This time is correct. We will be open for you.

While we do close on Saturday and Sundays at 5 PM, we reopen after 5 specifically for you and your reservation. 

Up until 5 PM we have open, public shooting. It is first come first served, it is full price, and it is cash only. We are limited in space during that time. 

After 5 PM, we do reservations only for large groups of first timers. 

If you have made a reservation, please double check your confirmation email. If the time and date match the time and date you booked for, then we will be here ready to introduce you to the great sport of archer. 

Haven't made a reservation yet? 

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