Call for more information: 718-461-1756

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Tues-Thurs 5:00pm-11:00pm  |  Fri 6:00pm-11:00pm  |  Sat-Sun 10:00am-5:00pm

Q: When are the best days for first time experience?
A: Wed/Fri evenings  |  Sat. and Sun. before 1 pm

Q: When are the worst days for a first time experience?
Tuesdays and Thursday after 7PM.  We have leagues that shoot from 7-10PM, limiting our available space for lessons.  

Q: Is a reservation necessary?
 No. Unless there are 9 or more people, or you have purchased an online voucher. Then, Sat. and Sun.  -  5:30 - 6:00 - 7:30 - 8:00 only.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A minimum of 9 years old during our regular business hours.  A minimum of 12 years old during our Sat/Sun evening group lessons. 

Q: Is there a dress code?
No.  The only thing we ask is that you bring a belt.  (Unless you are coming in for a group lesson on Saturday or Sunday night)

Q: What is the cost?
1 hour session : $15.00
1 hour session w/ rental : $25.00
A free lesson is included with your first rental

Q: I want to come by to take a first time lesson. Can I call to find out how busy you are going to be?

A: No. We never know how busy we are going to be. The best thing to do is to get in as early as possible.

Q: Will additional lessons be necessary?
No, the first free lesson is all you need. 

Q: Can I shoot a crossbow at this range?
No.  We are not set up for crossbow shooting.  Also, we do not work on crossbows.  

Q: Do you sell crossbows?
Yes, we sell crossbows.  However we do not work on any crossbows. 

Q: I have purchased an online voucher, can I just walk in and shoot?
No, you must make a reservation.

Reservations can only be made for Saturday and Sunday evenings.
Please check out our Voucher Redemption page for more information.

 Q:  When is the best time to call in order to make a reservation?
Do not call. Reservations can only be made through the "Voucher Reservation" page.

Q:  I made a reservation for after 5pm on Sat/Sun but I just realized you close at 5! Does that mean I have to reschedule?
No.  We close at 5PM for our regular open shooting, but we reopen again just for the on line vouchers.  Don't worry, your reservation stands.

Q:  I have heard you have offensive posters in your range.  How offensive are they?
 Click Here to read about our posters, and decide for yourself how offensive they are.  

Q:  I have a picture of my [boss, ex, mortal enemy], can I bring that and shoot at it?
 No.  They only targets you can shoot are the standard FITA targets we provide.