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"The Carbon Defiant is light, easy to handle and has a comfortable grip and smooth draw...Hoyt cuts no corners on components or materials."  From

"The HALON 32 is a rock-solid, top-quality hunting bow that is a pleasure to shoot. The bow is very steady on target, generates excellent speeds and produces consistent groups even at longer ranges."  From

The Mission Hype and Mission Menace II are our go to bows for someone looking to get into the sport, without spending over a thousand dollars. With a wide range of adjust-ability, a smooth draw cycle, and with little-to-no maintenance, these bows will grow with you from novice shooter, to expert hunter and/or gold medal winner.

Looking for a great compound bow without breaking the bank?


"Pound-for-pound, the Synergy is one of the easiest bows to draw – a fact that matters a great deal when you’ve been sitting in your treestand for hours upon hours in the cold and."  from